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Children Essential Oils Hydrosols

AWP 050: Nighttime Fears in Children and How Aromatherapy Can Help

Oct. 21, 2021

❤️ If you enjoy this podcast, feel free to support the production and get even more aromatic wisdom here: ❤️ ABOUT TODAY’S EPISODE It’s normal for children to feel some fear at night, whether they …

Children Essential Oils Hydrosols

AWP 024: Safe Aromatherapy for Children

July 21, 2016

In this week’s show, I cover a lot of information related to how to safely and effectively use essential oils with children. In this episode I cover essential oil safety, what to use with kids, how much to use and some crea…

Children DIY Recipe Essential Oils

AWP 012: College Freshman Aromatherapy Survival Kit

Aug. 27, 2015

Going to college for the first time is an exciting new chapter in the life of any young person. However, that chapter can also be laced with homesickness, stress, long hours on the computer and stinky roommates. In this epi…