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I Appreciate you Liz

The most amazing resource. Easy to understand. Lots of excellent information. Liz is the real deal. Very honest and open. I love “smell my life” too. You are doing a great thing here Liz and I appreciate you very much. Thankyou.

My Favorite Podcast

Im always excited when I see a new Aromatic Wisdom episode icon and I almost always listen twice because she has mentioned an essential oil use that helped myself or met a family members needs. Liz has a breezy, easy to learn from style and years of knowledge. Smell my life segment is adorable, my favorite part. Liz always delivers, definitely worth a listen if you have essential oils in your life

Love this podcast!

I love the Aromatic Wisdom podcast. In each episode, I learn something new about essential oils and aromatherapy. Liz’s education and experience in the aromatherapy field make for rich content delivered in a way that is personalized and easy to understand. Listening to her makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend. I especially love the “smell my life” segment. The episodes are short enough to listen to on my commute to work, but I often listen again so I can go back and take notes. Whether you are a “newbie” or a seasoned aromatherapist, this podcast will have something for you.

LOVE this podcast!

Best aromatherapy podcast around! Can't recommend it enough for people just learning about essential oils or even experts in the field.

A wealth of knowledge

Each podcast is soo informative!! Liz is clearly one of the most experienced people in the field.

The BEST aromatherapy podcast!

Liz is incredibly knowledgeable! As an aromatherapist myself, it is always such a treat to find someone who teaches me new things! I cannot recommend her podcast enough!

A joy to listen.

I look forward to listening to this podcast and come back often! Such tangible information to use in my own aromatherapy journey. It’s easy to digest and her voice is so soothing.

Very helpful

As a certified clinical aromatherapist I found this podcast to be amazing.

LOVE this podcast

I’m not an aromatherapist YET! But as an RN, science nerd/yoga teacher very interested in energetics, this podcast is my absolute favorite for learning about aromatics. Liz’s 25 years of experience and knowledge are evident, I want to take notes on every episode!

A big thanks!

Dealing with depression, empty nesting, suicidal daughter and husband losing his job after 18 years I find myself wanting a better handle in life and learning about doing things holistic. My husband bought me Cher’s book in essential oils and she referred to you and I looked you up to find a gem of information that I can listen to while I quilt, or cook and take notes! Thank you for your sharing your expertise and experiences. Love your “smell my life” segment

Superb resource!

I found these podcasts very helpful, especially the ones on hydrosols. It’s hard to find any info on them, so if it’s talked about on here, I know it’s trustworthy information. Thank you for providing this valuable resource!!

Really informative!!

Your training as an aromatherapist makes you a trusted resource. I just listened to the podcasts on allergies and helpful Essential Oils. I will definitely be using some of the suggestions. Thank you!!


Oh my word. This podcast is so informative and helpful. I don’t want to trust the oil companies or moms selling oils to teach me true safety with oils. Their goal is to sell oil. I believe in the powers that oils have to help in daily life but building up sensitivity and hurting my children is something that makes me nervous. This podcast is clearing the fog and taking away the fear. Please keep up the podcast. You’re help is invaluable!

Great podcast

Get topics, always learn and helps me With my diy skincare hobby and using essential oils. I think I’ve gone thru every episode!

I love this podcast

With all of the misinformation that’s available in the aromatherapy world it’s nice to have someone like Liz to provide us with clear, safe, easy to understand information.

Love me some oils!

I’m enjoying learning about essential oils from this podcast. Keep the episodes coming!

Love this informative podcast!!

I stumbled upon this podcast by accident and boy how super excited I am. I started back at episode one and I’m working my way through. This podcast is full of so much information and so greatly appreciated. Thank you Liz for your time and the education with essential oils. 💕🌸 April

So Good To Heard you again!

She is the best! I learn a lot from her.

Absolutely enthralled

This is everything i have been looking for in ana aromatherapy podcast! Just got finished listening to the episode on the chemistry and am so grateful she takes the time to explain the WHY behind what the oils do. She sparks my interest and motivates me to learn more about these beautiful plants in a really easy to understand format!

Awesome podcasts!

While looking for aromatherapy podcasts, this was among the ones I downloaded. I began listening to others and rapidly deleted them. I started this one and what a fantastic podcast, this is! I commute to work and travel 1.5 hours in the mornings and again in the evenings. I get 3-hours a day of Liz’s podcasts. I’ve listened to them over and over and still learn something each time I listen. I have much to learn from you. Liz...more podcasts, please!!!

Absolutely in love with this podcast!!

I have learned so much from this podcast. I’ve been really diving into learning about essential oils for a couple of years now. I have never taken a live class so actually hearing someone talk about essential oils has really reenforced what I have already learned. Liz has a wonderful voice which is always a plus. Thank you for the gift of this pod cast!! Fantastic work!

Love this podcast

Lots of great information on essential oils delivered in a logical presentation by someone who is easy to listen to. Glad you’re back!

I can't get enough

I just discovered your podcast. I'm obsessed. This is the most helpful aromatherapy show I have listened to. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I am so glad that you have a new episode up. I can't wait to listen to it.

This podcast was a gem of a find for me

I stumbled onto this podcast after hearing Liz tell her story on the Anxiety Coaches podcast. Something about her story, her way of speaking, and what she had to say resonated with me and I went to find her own podcast after I finished listening. Liz is, first of all, very knowledgeable about the topic of essential oils, and makes them not seem like a daunting concept, but she's also very soothing to listen to! I'm going through an incredibly anxious and difficult time in my life and I found that turning on this podcast has helped quite a bit to soothe my nerves. I have dabbled in essential oils a tiny bit before but never fully gotten into it because I found the concept a little confusing and overwhelming, but after listening to Liz in many episodes I decided to give it a try again and went ahead and ordered some and I am feeling newly inspired to try and soothe some of my anxiety with what I have learned. Each episode of her wisdom is such a gift to her audience. I wish I didn't live so far away or else I would love to take a class from her and get to meet her in person. I hope she never stops this podcast because I am sadly running out of episodes to listen to!

I love AWP!

I have learned so much from Ms. Fulcher about aromatherapy and I really appreciate that she shares her 25 years of experience with us. Thank you for your wisdom!!

Years of Insight So Graciously Shared

I'm so thankful for all you do to publish this wisdom on the subject of Aromatherapy. You present each episode in such a way that is easy to understand and follow. Thank you for freely offering this insight that clearly took years of study and practice to acquire.

I Highly Recommend!

Each episode of this podcast is packed with great information and are fun to listen to. I love the conversational style of Liz's podcast. It seems like she is talking TO you, not AT you, which I'm sure isn't easy to acheive in a podcast. I am a certified aromatherapist and I think I learned something new in each podcast, as well as reenforcing my knowledge. I commute a lot and have turned to podcasts recently to make my commute more enjoyable. I'm so grateful!

Great info about essential oils

I really love learning about essential oils. Liz offers a wealth of information in short podcasts. I am grateful to her for sharing so much useful knowledge about aromatherapy. I also love her online course for cleaning with natural products.

Wonderful and helpful content

Liz is great with her information, making it digestible and easy to understand. Her podcast and classes have made it easier for me to integrate oils safely into our lives. Thank you!

Aromatic Wisdom podcast

I just found this podcast last week and have been "binge-listening" ever since. Liz is a perfectly gracious and well-spoken host. I very much enjoy her speaking and teaching style, and the organized and inspiring way in which she shares her knowledge, experience, and wisdom regarding Aromatherapy and the use and chemistry of essential oils. Thank you, Liz!