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Wonderful and helpful content

Liz is great with her information, making it digestible and easy to understand. Her podcast and classes have made it easier for me to integrate oils safely into our lives. Thank you!

Aromatic Wisdom podcast

I just found this podcast last week and have been "binge-listening" ever since. Liz is a perfectly gracious and well-spoken host. I very much enjoy her speaking and teaching style, and the organized and inspiring way in which she shares her knowledge, experience, and wisdom regarding Aromatherapy and the use and chemistry of essential oils. Thank you, Liz!

The definitive source for aromatherapy

Liz Fulcher is a definitive source for all things related to essential oils and in this podcast she generously shares her wealth of knowledge with her listeners. I love listening to her podcasts and wish there were more of them! Liz's warmth and kindness transcend airwaves and can be felt in her teachings, creating a relaxing listening environment that soothese the soul and eases the mind. Even listening to Liz pronounce the Latin bionomial nomenclature of the essential oils in her Italian accent is enjoyable! In short, Liz makes learning fun and easy and demonstrates through a variety of topics how essential oils can be incorporated into all aspects of our lives.

Wow! Professional Info and Great Personality!

As a newbie to aromatherapy, I could binge listen to this podcast for hours. Liz is incredibly knowledgable and explains everything in ways that a newbie myself understands and makes me want to learn more! The wide range of topics showcases her breadth of knowledge and her bubbly yet calming voice is so welcoming and easy to listen to. Subscribed and recommend!

Great Podcast!

I'm new to essential oils and luckily found Liz's podcast on a long drive home from holiday travels. I've been "binge-listening" and learning a great deal and am so grateful to have found this wonderful resource. I look forward to continuing to listen to her calm voice, amazing knowledge and obvious passion!

Very helpful and packed with info!!

For many months I'd been searching for information on EOs, trying to wade through the hype and get to some truths. This hit the mark perfectly!!! Thank you Liz for sharing your wisdom!

Totally loving your podcast!!

Your voice & the way you describe the information, on podcast & blog, are so user friendly. Thank you so much for being you! After listening to your episode on Vision Boards I started copy/pasting your Fragrant Friday info to my scrapbook app I've had for awhile. 1 because I have a vision problem & 2 I have it when wifi isn't available. So excited to explore more thru you. Q: I recently have been reading into Kombucha. I've read you can make your own Scoby & also flavor your homemade Kombucha with essential oils. I would truly appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. Would any Online Scoby retailer be ok?

Lots of great info!

Just found this awesome podcast. Liz is so knowledgable about aromatherapy and essential oils. I love the wisdom that she shares! Gerat podcast!

Wonderful Information

I am a novice just beginning to learn about essential oils and their uses and properties. Liz is one of the very best teachers I have read or listened to on this subject. Her personality is very upbeat and positive, yet she is obviously very well educated in the use of EOs and very generous with her knowledge! I have enjoyed every one of the podcasts that I have listened to, and in very short order, I have listened to most of them! Thanks for the quality information, and the warmth of your delivery!

Essential Oil Education

I'm brand new to essential oils and I'm so glad to have found this podcast. As others have mentioned Liz has a great voice, excellent delivery, sweet sense of humor, and encyclopedic knowledge. Keep up the great work!

Great Essential Oil Resource

Glad to have found this show. Liz is an encyclopedia of info on essential oils. I found the episode about grief and support from oils to be very interesting. Looking forward to more episodes!

Thank You Liz

I just started enjoying the podcasts by Liz. I have been using essential oils for the past decade and there is so much I have learned, but so much more to learn. I am so grateful to sweet Liz for sharing her knowledge and enriching and enhancing our use of oils and our health. Bless you Liz!

Certified Aromatherapist

My early career was in broadcasting and film production, and I love listening to Liz's podcasts. She is succinct and knowledgeable with the information, and has a wonderful delivery. So many aromatherapists do podcasts and are too long in the delivery of info, or ramble on, and Liz's format is very well done. I love the references in the show notes as well. I hope she does many more in the future!

Excellent podcast

I love Liz's aromatic wisdom podcast. It is full of helpful advice regarding essential oils. I have learned a lot from her and it got me interested to research more and try my own blends. It is an excellent source for beginners because Liz breaks down everything to the basics. I wish there was a new episode every day. Keep up the great work Liz!

Great aromatherapy information that is concise and entertaining!

Liz is very knowledgable about essential oils with an emphasis on the chemistry-which is so important. With all of the vast information out there on essential oils, it's so good to have a podcast that is reliable. Love, love, love this podcast! I keep going back and re-listening to episodes just to absorb it all.

Best podcast on Essential Oils!

This is on the of best podcasts, on any topic, that I’ve experienced. Liz is an expert on the subject of essential oils and is also a fabulous teacher. She shares her personal experiences in a way that is genuine and sensitive - never overdone or self-centered like so much media in today’s world. The production values are as strong as the content so listening is always a pleasure. Thank you, Liz, for giving your listeners such a tremendous gift! I hope you will continue to produce these for many years to come.


I've been listening to Liz's podcast for about the past 6 months and look forward to every new episode. She is a wonderful teacher and does a great job of explaining the world of aromatherapy. I also love the variety of topics Liz covers. Very grateful for this podcast!

Love Aromatic Wisdom Podcasts

I so look forward to these podcasts! They are so informative and I play the same ones over and over and keep learning more each time. Thank you Liz!

Amazing Aromatherapy Podcast

This is the first podcast that I've gone back to and re-listened to an episode. I actually read the show notes. I have a long drive every day to work and I listen to a lot of podcasts and I'll think "oh that's interesting maybe I'll go into the show notes later". Nope. Not until now. I have been interested in and dabbled in essential oils for years but without any real seriousness. This podcast makes me want to learn everything I can. So much so that I signed up for the two week course she teaches. I’m in the first week and it’s already a beautiful and life changing experience. Liz is an obvious subject matter expert who has a kind voice and speaks with passion about her art. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

Always engaging and informative

Aromatic Wisdom podcasts are always informative, interesting, and entertaining. Liz is knowledgeable and personable with such a wonderful way of engaging her guests and her audience. Every episode is a treat!

Essential Oils

I have listened to several of Liz’s podcast and have found each one valuable. I suffer from allergies and now at the first sign of an attack, I start inhaling on the inhaler that I made after listening to the allergies podcast and I suffer so much less. I also really appreciated Liz sharing her bout with depression and found this episode helpful in helping a family member who has this disease.

A Truly Tremendous Podcast

Liz has an excellent and authentic voice which makes listening to the podcast easy. She's an expert in aromatherapy and I'm so happy I discovered her podcast on my own. She also answered my question on Facebook which I really appreciated. Thanks for the free insight and knowledge Liz!

Director Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

This is a fabulous podcast with some valuable information on dealing with depression. Liz gives a great overview and offers many suggestions for dealing with this issue using many things including essentials oils and aromatic remedies! Great for everyone suffering from depression or living with those who do! Highly recommend all these podcasts!

Love it!

If you are interested in essential oils, look no further. Liz is interesting to listen to and has great tips to share.

Educational and Enjoyable!

I was just recently referred to Liz Fulcher's podcasts. They are very educational and cover a variety of topics in the aromatherapy world. I especially enjoyed her podcast on hydrosols for allergies. She gave a great introduction on hydrosols in general, and this encouraged me to learn more about them! Her podcasts are enjoyable to listen to and I love that she provides details in her "show notes" so I can listen while I am out for a walk and not have to worry about writing key points down. She does the work for you and gives additional information for more learning avenues. Thank you Liz!

Extraordinary Resource for Aromatherapy

I got in to essential oils casually (via a mlm company) and was fortunate to discover this podcast. She covers important safety and blending guidelines, uses of various oils, basic chemistry behind some of the oils, and particular categories of uses (e.g. oils for respiratory health, College Freshman Survival Kit, etc…). I’ve listened to each of Liz’s podcasts multiple times and look forward to new editions. There’s an incredible depth of information on multiple topics with additional information on her website (I recommend the Fragrant Friday written blog posts focusing on individual oils). You can also get copies of transcripts of the podcasts if you like to have a visual aid. This is an invaluable resource - we’re lucky to have it available.

Very Informative

Liz's podcast is great! It is very informative with alot of practical advise. I enjoy her style as she's entertaining and I feel like I know her! - but at the same time, every episode is mostly packed with practical and useful knowledge. She is very relatable and gets down to the basic information I want to understand. I'm new to aromatherapy and her podcast has been the most useful source of information for me that I have found. I highly recommend this podcast if essential oils is confusing you. Her blog on her website is also very helpful!


Liz is a wonderful person and a fantastic aromatherapy teacher- great podcasts!

Love her!

Liz is a wonderful educator in podcasts. I am an aromatherapy student and I love listening to her podcasts. She is a wealth of information. I only hope I will someday be as knowledgeable as she


This is an informative and well presented podcast. Besides that just a wonderful resource for information. I had a question and in less then a day I got a personal response!! So grateful for this and excited to use all that it has shown me!!