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Aug. 20, 2015

AWP 011: Essential Oils for a Good Night's Sleep

AWP 011: Essential Oils for a Good Night's Sleep

In this episode, Liz shares five of her favorite essential oils to help invite sleep so you can rest, restore and reboot!

What You Will Hear in Episode 11:

  • How Lack of Sleep Affects Immunity
  • How Much Sleep is Necessary for Feeling Well?
  • How Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep
  • The Benefit of Doing a Brain Dump 
  • Five Essential Oils that Can Help you Fall Asleep or Return to Sleep
  • Practical Methods of Using Essential Oils to Invite Sleep
  • Smell My Life: Liz shares how she used essential oils at home on her bedroom mattress and sheets.
  • Ask Liz:  Liz answers a listener's question on essential oils for allergies. 

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