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Oct. 13, 2022

AWP 057: Essential Oils for Sciatic Pain, 3 Methods of Use and a DIY Massage Recipe

AWP 057: Essential Oils for Sciatic Pain, 3 Methods of Use and a DIY Massage Recipe

In this week's episode, Liz teaches about the largest nerve in the human body; the sciatic nerve. You'll lear the essential oils and remedies that can offer relief from a deeply painful sciatic flare-up.

What you will hear in Episode 57:

  • What is Sciatica Nerve Pain?
  • About the Sciatic Nerve
  • The Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • What Causes Sciatica?
  • Who is most at Risk of developing Sciatic Nerve Pain?
  • How Aromatherapy can help Resolve Sciatica
  • Essential Oils to Consider for Sciatica Relief and an explanation of why those particular essential oils  help
  • 3 Methods of Application to consider that can offer Sciatica Relief
  • Smell my Life: Liz has a flare-up of Rosacea and shares her go-to essential oil remedy.

Resources and Links

Liz's Sciatic DIY Pain Massage Recipe (3% dilution)
Listen here: to learn more about dilution
Read here: to learn more about dilution


    • 4 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum)
    • 3 drops of Spike Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula latifolia)
    • 3 drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil 
    • 3 drops of Ginger Essential Oil
    • 2 drops of German Chamomile Essential Oil
  • 1 fl oz/30 mL  of Trauma Oil
  • 1 fl oz/30 ml PET plastic flip top bottle


  • Add the essential oils to the flip-top bottle
  • Add the Trauma oil
  • Close the cap and shake gently to completely blend the essential oils into the Trauma oil
  • Massage into the side affected by sciatica including lower back, buttock and down the leg.  
  • Apply to the affected area as needed.

Safety: I recommend a small patch test to ensure there is no skin sensitivity and avoid using on broken skin when using Trauma Oil. Can be used on children over the age of 10. 

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