Sept. 16, 2021

AWP 046: How to Use a Salt Pipe Inhaler for Respiratory Health

AWP 046: How to Use a Salt Pipe Inhaler for Respiratory Health
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If you suffer from asthma, either as a child or, like me, had it appear in adulthood, you may well find a Himalayan Salt Nasal Inhaler an invaluable resource. It can provide relief from congestion and cleanse the respiratory system.  In today’s Aromatic Wisdom Podcast episode, Liz talks about how this weird-looking device can help relieve symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, sinus conditions, and hay fever.


  • What is a Salt Inhaler
  • Who can benefit from using it
  • How do you Use it?
  • What type is salt should you use with this unique inhaler?
  • Do you use it with or without essential oils?
  • Where can you buy a salt nasal inhaler

Thank you for listening, and until next time…

Be Happy, Be Well

Liz xo

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